Wall & Ceiling Solutions

Judah Drywall specializes in providing six drywall systems for construction projects:
That are Partition, Liner, Ceiling, Shaftwall, Cinema, and Special.


The Partition system is a lightweight, easy to install solution that’s affordable with exceptional performance standards. It provides fire protection, sound insulation, and the ability to enhance its fire protection ability with multiple layers. It is used in commercial and residential projects.


The Liner system is used with metal structures while being taped and filled after being screwed into place. The system provides additional stability within wall structures accompanied by tracks and studs.


The Ceiling system includes creating a concealed grid in metal framework accompanied by plasterboards and joints to create a smooth and even surface. It is easy to install with two hours while supporting structures such as ducts and cableways with special design options available.


The Shaftwall system is similar to the Ceiling system except it is used when receiving decoration or design such as paint. Installation is fast and easy while providing reliable performance for sound and fire protection.


The Cinema system is a complex drywall solution that doesn’t need structural reinforcements. It has a higher level of fire resistance and sound insulation compared to other drywall systems. It is often used in large construction projects such as concert halls and hotels.


The Special system features unique double layer protection for protection and security purposes. Special mesh material is made within the plasterboard layering. Quality sound installation and fire protection are additional features.