In addition to our moral values in conducting business, we also place a high emphasis on ethical responsibility towards being environmentally and socially favorable. In other words, as we serve our customers, we bear in mind that we don’t harm scarce resources that are a vital requirement of our future generations. As an act towards maintaining stability, we have adopted the following sustainable factors:

Recycled Materials

In an attempt to achieve green standard recycled content credits, we tend to recycle both its post-consumer recycled products as well as pre-consumer recycled products. We tend to generally recycle 5 to 10% of the gypsum scrap, since a recycled plant is readily available at our factory.

Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility with an annual capacity of 53 Million SQFT, maintaining sustainability becomes the key to our daily operations. Our manufacturing facility is designed to be highly energy efficient, as saving energy not only helps preserve the environment in an effective way, but also helps us maintain efficiency and earn long-term competitiveness. As a positive move towards obtaining sustainability, we have adopted highly efficient processes that ultimately conserve our energy, as well as the natural resources that are used in production. In fact, we have thus far successfully recycled a total of 80% of our total manufacturing energy consumption.



                    Quality Certificates




  • ISO 9001:2008 : December 2009
  • Exova Certification
  • DCD Approval for fire rated systems
  • LEED compliant manufacturing
  • UL Certification
  • ASTM
  • ICC-ES