Moisture Resistant & Fire Wall Core Board (MRFW-CB)

Moisture Resistant & Fire Wall Core Board (MRFW-CB)

Moisture Resistant & Fire Wall Core Board (MRFW-CB)


JUDAH CORE BOARD MOISTURE RESISTANCE FIREWALL (CB – MRFW – 1″) Type X Gypsum Board is an interior gypsum board consisting of a solid set, moisture and fire-resistive, Type X gypsum core enclosed in GREEN-colored face paper and a strong liner back paper. Judah’s MRFW Type X board features a specially formulated core providing moisture and fire resistance ratings when used in tested assemblies. Long edges are slightly tapered, allowing joints to be reinforced and concealed with joint tape and joint compound. The face paper and the back paper are 100 percent recycled.


Thickness (Inch): 1″

Edge Profile

Width (ft.): 4′

Length (ft.): 8′ – 1

-ASTM C473 Standard Test Methods for Physical Testing of Gypsum Panel Products

-ASTM C840 Standard Specification for Application and Finishing of Gypsum Board

-ASTM E84 Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials

-EN 520 Type I,F and H1 standard for performance of gypsum plasterboards



•    Fire ratings up to four hours.
•    Moisture Resistance.
•    The gypsum core will not support combustion or transmit temperatures greatly in excess of 212°F (100°C) until completely calcined, a slow process.
•    Uniform high-strength cores eliminate crumbling, cracking.
•    Excellent thermal barrier and sound attenuation qualities.
•    Expansion and contraction under normal atmospheric changes is negligible.
•    Green certified.
•    Qualifies as a low-VOC